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Bommarito Art Influencer Pilot Program Summer 2021

Giving influencers an opportunity to collect our art at a very low price point in exchange for sharing the art with their friends/family and on social media

For you we can start at 30% of studio pricing, which is our wholesale -25% (pricing below) Just post or mention us whenever you'd like to. No obligation or specific requirements... just in good faith as we are currently in the pilot phase of our influencer marketing program. We anticipate formally opening up this program to select people in the Fall this year. 

Here are size option for Green Sea Glass

Metal: 16x24 $100, 20x30 $125, 24x36 $200, 30x45 $275

Acrylic: 16x24 $150, 20x30 $200, 24x36 $275, 30x45 $375

For reference -

Bommarito Studio Pricing

Green Sea Glass - Acrylic 30x45" $1250. Metal 30x45" $1,050

Our signature skyline art piece Silent Beauty is in the 4-6k range. Our custom builds below (scroll down 8-9 images) such as the Dan Bilzerian project is in the 6k range for each of those pieces

***Please keep the Bommarito Art Influencer Pilot Program and your pricing confidential to the general public. Also, if you have a friend that may be interested please let us know and they can apply to be a part of the program














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